This New Journey…

Hi everyone! Or should I say hi to just me since this is my first blog post haha. If you happen to stumble across this page or my blog, HELLO and welcome! I am new to this blogging community and I am doing this solo… solo you ask? Yes. I haven’t told a soul that I have started this page. I am at a point in my early 20’s that I am confused as to what I want to be doing the rest of my life. I just graduated college with my associates in communications (right I know general) And have no clue what to do next (typical) so now I am Currently working full time as a receptionist at a health clinic and to say the least I am BORED. I go to my 8-5 job Monday through Friday and I go home to my boyfriend and our two dogs. Life is so much more interesting and has so much more to offer me at the age I am and I feel as if I am wasting it! Well that’s what I thought until I came across this wonderful world of blogging. I’ve stumbled across this a time or two and tried to create my “travel” blog over a year ago and it fell through the cracks.Well a year and 3 months later and an attempted YouTube channel (I’ll discuss this too) I’ve started writing again. This blog will be my personal escape from what I think is a very boring life and I hope to achieve some creativity and I aspire to try new things to tell everyone about. That’s all for my first post see you in the next one!

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