Real Talk… Why Keto Diet failed for me!

Ok, Real talk…

Keto sounds like this wonderful diet that helps thousands across the world lose mass amounts of weight in just a matter of weeks and all you have to do is avoid all carbs and most fruits because you know sugar = carbs and eat bacon for breakfast. Sounds easy enough…Right? Well for some yes this may be true but for me, it was a HUGE no. Keto failed for me when I started getting bored of all the “recipes” I was making and eating lettuce tacos every day for lunch or dinner and sometimes both, which is boring and not healthy nor was it that tasty after the umpteenth time. ALSO, huge TMI but gurrrll trying to be “regular” on the Keto Diet is not a real thing! Having to take stool softeners and or a laxative multiple times of the week just to go was not worth it for me. Also, you think being on keto is just avoiding bread well you are wrong, it’s a lot harder than that; you also have to avoid most all sugars and you have to count every carb that goes into your body to make sure you don’t get out of ketosis. I did use those pee sticks which I think is a great tool for someone who can manage to be on keto and enjoy not eating rice and fruit or pizza, did I mention going out to eat is such a pain! Chipotle without their lime-cilantro rice excuse me NO. However I can say I did lose 5 lbs. in the month I attempted to do the Keto diet which was great…. until I gained it all back at the Minnesota State Fair.

So, all in all, yes the keto lifestyle, which is a total lifestyle because the weight loss you achieve on this diet cannot be maintained if you go back to eating the same way you used to. Not to mention but if you mess up on the keto diet you need to realize how much additional fat you are putting inside your body that is not being converted into energy if you were properly in ketosis. That being said the Keto lifestyle is great for those who need to lose weight for their health and for those who have a medical reason to watch their sugar and carb intake, but for me, I am going to pass and just move on to the next fad diet that comes my way.

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