Carrie Underwood Concert!

Hey everyone! I thought I would pop on here and write a quick blog post about my experience at the Carrie Underwood concert. First of all, this has been a dream of mine to see her perform in concert since I was a little girl. The fact that I had the opportunity to see her in person with one of my best friends of the last eight years made this all the more special.

The performance started off with a double opening act with Runaway June and then Maddie and Tae to follow. I was so excited to see Maddie and Tae as well because they are my age and are living one of my wildest dreams. Their set was so cute and girl power-oriented. It gave the whole arena an energized feeling and you can tell after an hour of waiting we were all on the edge of our seats, of course for myself I was lucky enough to snag two tickets on the ground floor not even three feet from the stage. It was so amazing being able to walk around the entire floor and follow the layout of the stage. They had the stage set up in an oval shape that the performers walked around all night and the center of the oval was the pit. I was just kicking myself for not spending the little extra money to be able to stand in the pit.

Although Runaway June was fantastic I had not heard of them before I bought these tickets so when Maddie and Tae rose up onto the stage I was a little more excited to see them perform, it was stunning! Their voices sound so well together and you can tell they were having such a blast up there dancing around. Maddie at one point during the performance even took her heels off. It was the best most relatable thing ever as she joked about not being able to dance in these things.

After Maddie and Tae performed their cover of “Attention” by Shawn Mendes the arena lit up for the temporary interlude between sets. Carrie Underwood was next! The lights dimmed and the screens surrounding the stage lit up in this beautifully projected video of Magenta and glitter with Carrie Underwood in bright gold. She rose up on stage and the whole crowd flipped! After a quick song, she introduced herself and her banned and also explained why tonight was so special for her tour mates since most of the crew had family and or was from Minnesota. The rest of the night was filled with myself belting my heart out to every song and lyric I knew! Thank goodness I wore flats.

My Outfit!

At the beginning of the night I was wearing a black body con mini dress from lauras boutique on Instagram and than wrapped a red and black plaid flannel from Express around my waist and some super cute sandals from Target, It was supposed to rain that night but ended up being beautiful out so I never really needed the flannel, but hey is it really a country concert without flannel? After the show ended my friend and I ran around Target Center trying to find the merchandise concession. For some odd reason, it was on the 3rd floor which was the most inconvenient thing since we had to walk up the stairs against the flow of other concert-goers trying to leave. I ended up purchasing a Carrie Underwood tour t-shirt and a Maddie and Tae T-shirt as well. I thought the Carrie Underwood shirt would look so cute over top my bodycon dress so I threw it on top over my dress and we had a little photoshoot in the corner of the building by this really cool accent wall they had next to the bar that was connected to the arena.

I will try to find some of the pieces I’m wearing and link them if not a very similar item!

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