Top 5 Must Have Moisturizers!

A little backstory on my skin. I have always had dry skin and very sensitive skin. I was raised believing I couldn’t have certain metal for jewelry or my skin would break out and that I had to use unscented everything or I would break out in a rash. Then, of course, there is the redness in my cheeks that I discovered in middle school, thanks to my first crush and a very annoying teacher who seemed to enjoy teasing me about how easy it is to make me “blush”. Years late and I mean over 10 years I found out the truth!

I have Keratosis Pilaris Rubri or KPR which in short means my blood vessels are close to the surface of my skin so many many many things trigger the redness, as I am writing this right now I can feel a little hot sensation on my cheek. I have no clue what triggers it but in short, anytime I feel any sort of strong emotion may it be embarrassment or anger or laughter. On top of the “cute” little redness issue, I also have little tint bumps along my cheeks and the back of my arms as well and my thighs, But of course, just recently I found out I am NOT supposed to exfoliate it because it just makes it worse. You see what those little tiny bumps are is dead skin trapped in my pores, and since my blood cells are so close to the surface of my skin that means my cell turnover is pretty fast so exfoliating makes it angry and populates more little bumps.

With all that being said it is extremely important I keep my skin moisturized since I am constantly resurfacing my skin I need to keep it healthy and protected from allergens and the sun. My skincare regimen is all thanks to my grandma, who from a very young age has always shown me the best products for my skin and taught me how important it is to always get the best for your skin because its the only one you will ever have and you have to keep it looking fresh and young for as long as you can. Without further ado (that is if you actually read this whole speech) is the list of my favorite moisturizers I have found over the years. The list is only for the face and neck, but I will be writing a KPR beauty secrets list soon!

  1. Honey Grail Farmacy Beauty
  2. Belief Moisturizing Bomb
  3. Honey Drop Farmacy Moisturizer
  4. Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizer
  5. Glow Recipe Watermelon sleeping mask


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