My Monthly Favorites!

April 2020 Monthly Favorites and Reviews!

As you can tell, this is going to be the first of many monthly lifestyle favorites posts. This is where I share my thoughts on a couple of products each month. What I found myself loving and gravitating towards multiple times per week, if not daily. I will try every month to incorporate health, beauty, and daily favorites

Yeti Water Bottle

 The first monthly favorite of the month I have to share is my Yeti water bottle. Sometime in the middle of March, I realized I was barely drinking even 30 ounces of water per day. In case you didn’t know, the recommended amount is 2.7 liters a day for women. If you convert that into ounces is roughly 91 ounces per day!!

I needed to step up my water intake. Luckily for me, my fiance bought this 36 oz Yeti water bottle for my Christmas present and I have been using it ever since. For my health and weight loss journey, I was on I needed to start to drink 3 of these a day, or at least 2 and a half. Which for the most part I got the hang of after the first week. Who would have thought it would be so difficult to drink that much water in a day?

Getting Results!

 After 2 months I have a good routine down, I have one bottle before noon each day and finish the 2nd by the time I log off work. The 3rd bottle is gone by the time I’m done working out. If it’s a rest day I’m able to get half a bottle gone before bedtime. Stepping up my water intake has been so beneficial for me. I am getting fewer headaches and am going to the bathroom more frequently (TMI but who cares, that’s a good thing).

I highly suggest getting this Yeti water bottle, because it keeps my water cool all day and when I put ice in it before bed, the ice cubes barely melt by the morning, I love how big the size is too! This straw top I purchased to go with it makes it so easy to carry around with me. I don’t know about you but whenever I have a straw in my drink I always drink a lot more.

Ritual Women’s daily Vitamin

My second monthly Favorite would have to be my Ritual vitamins. I mentioned above that I am drinking more water to get better control of my health and weight and I thought that taking a daily vitamin would also give me the extra kick my body needs. I was on birth control, I noticed my body had a lot more reactions to my emotions and stress, now that I’m off HBC I figured a multivitamin will give my body the boost it needs to regulate everything.

Even though it hasn’t been a full month yet and I have yet to write out my full review I have noticed a difference in how my body feels and how my emotions have leveled out and I even notice my energy level has been better. I know it is just the beginning of my vitamin regimen but in two months I will be back again to write a full review on how I feel about the ritual vitamins.

Pureology Conditioner

 The third favorite of mine this month would be something I’ve had in my shower for a while but haven’t had the chance to use since I had three other types to use up first, but let me tell you if I knew how amazing this Pureology conditioner was going to be from the beginning 

I would have forgotten all about the others and bought a surplus of this one here. The first thing I noticed was the intoxicating scent from the moment I lathered this into my hair and the overwhelming scent of mint and complete relaxation comes over me each time I use this. Whenever I wash my hair before bed I always notice this scent as I fall to sleep because it’s so refreshing and clean. The conditioner itself is so smooth and leaves my hair so soft after its dried. I’ve never had a problem with my hair in the past, but I have noticed a difference in strength and softness since using this.

Billie Razor

 In case you haven’t noticed, I have a bit of a theme going on of health for my monthly favorites this

April and also a second shower staple I would like to recommend is the Instagram obsessed favorite Billie Razor! I know everyone has seen a sponsored ad or an influencer talking about this razor. Let me tell you, the hype is real. I ordered this after seeing the 100th post about it. I was in desperate need of a new razor, so I figured why not test the hype. Did I mention they auto-ship it too you!? How convenient that you don’t have to remember to buy new blades. Now, you don’t have to run out before a shower. Avoid having to use a dull blade and get that uncomfortable razor burn!

My monthly favorites mini-review

The packaging is so cute and I bought the starter bundle which came with a couple of free samples of other products they sell. My bundle came with the shaving cream which is so nice since it’s not foam and doesn’t lather up but rather has the consistency and hydrating feel of lotion so it doesn’t clog the blades before even finishing the first swipe. I love how simple and sleek it is. The fact that it comes with a magnetic clip is super hygienic. It means I don’t have to risk my blade drying and sticking to my shelf, and ruining the padding surrounding the blade. 

I know you have seen this hyped-up razor all over social media and I would say order one ASAP. It is so convenient and the bonus is it’s cute!

That’s everything for my monthly favorites! I had fun writing this month’s favorites post. I realized how much effort into my health this month. Hopefully, I may have influenced some of you to try out something new. As a side note, I am not a licensed cosmetologist or Doctor. If worried please seek expert opinions before trying something new! Thank you all for reading and I will see you all in the next post!

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