About Me


Hi everyone! My name is Shayna! My friends call me Shay. I started this blog for many reasons. I love the idea of having a platform where I can write my own thoughts and opinions with like-minded people. I want to grow and meet a community of women who are just like me. I hope as the years go on this platform will be a place of comfort and fun for anyone who stumbles upon it!

A little bit about myself. I currently work full time and have a home with my fiance, our 2 dogs, and cat. Their names are Argo (Belgian Malinois) Rocco (Pomeranian) and Ronin (Maine Coon). I spend most days working from home and binge-watching shows on Netflix. I love cooking for my fiance when he comes home and trying out new recipes I find on Pinterest. I’m getting back into fitness since our wedding is 6 months away! We have a home gym in our basement which is great in the winter living in Minnesota. I love Instagram and find myself scrolling for many hours, more than I would like to admit. My family is super important to me which is great now that we all live 5 minutes apart. I love to travel and try to make as many vacation plans as I financially can. Other than that I am the typical Millenial passing time trying to figure out the rest of my life.

Thanks for reading!